Strange Bedfellows

Commentators assert that Politics makes Strange Bedfellows. Politics? Hah. I heap scorn on such ill-considered bombast. For you and I both know: it is love that makes the strangest bedfellows.

Here. Let me give you just one example. A strange tale that begins with . . .

Walter—a lovable middle-aged accounting nerd. Crappy job, boss from hell, loveless marriage—who gets a do-over when he wins a big lottery. He hits the road only to find . . .

Amy—sweet, Southern gal stuck in Cincinnati, stripping for a living because it pays better than Wal-Mart. Seems an unlikely candidate to do-over with, but stranger things have happened. It might work out, except she’s got this crazy . . .

Aunt Morgan-everybody has a crazy aunt, but this one is special. Engaging, seductive even . . . how old is she, anyway? And how can she always be around?

Strange Bedfellows is a warm, funny, surprising novel about getting a second chance at life and making the most of it. For Walter and Amy, for certain. Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. But also for Morgan le Fay, that much maligned evil queen from the King Arthur stories. Would you be surprised to learn that she’s not really dead, but has also been given a second chance?

from the Author: I did not begin this book with the intention of rehabilitating Morgan le Fay’s reputation. But she rather quickly stole my heart—an occupational hazard for a writer, and a particularly dangerous one when someone as capable and conniving as Morgan is one of your characters. I soon learned that she did not deserve the evil reputation that she garnered during the Middle Ages, when her character underwent a transformation at the hands of weak and petty men who couldn’t handle the idea of a strong, independent woman.
There is another heart thief in the cast as well—J.G., the eleven-year-old son of Amy the stripper. And although it was challenging to write, I particularly like that all four of the major characters have a 1st-person voice to tell their part of the story.

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